Igi has been making websites since 2011.

Igi’s first word: Mama. Second: Papa. Third: Computer.

Igi would call it a learning experience rather than as a mistake.

Igi’s motto from 9-5: Put your client’s happiness before yours and anyone else’s, as long as you’re on budget.

Igi types at an average of 104WPM.

Igi’s works with a variety of CMS’s but is most knowledgeable about Magento and WordPress.

Igi loves Laravel.

Igi is the son of a Filipino Philosopher. (Filipinosopher).

Igi loves rap music and is part of a Hip Hop duo called Quip. Visit the website.

Igi likes watching Korean Dramas. He’s a big fan of Gong Hyo-jin

Igi is currently studying Japanese by reading Genki I. He aims to learn more than 1500 Japanese words in 6 months. That’s around 10 Japanese words per day.

Igi likes to listen to Math Rock, defined by Wikipedia as rhythmically complex, often guitar-based, style of experimental rock and indie rock music. He is a big fan of Tricot.

Igi loves pinapples on burgers.

Igi has been living in New Zealand since 2007. His favourite Filipino band: Up Dharma Down


Igi would like to travel for an extended period at some point. He plans to visit Korea, Japan, Thailand, Europe, States and the Philippines.