Igi Manaloto

Experienced Website Designer-Developer

Igi Manaloto is a user-centric website developer who works with designers and agencies in the US, UK, NZ and Canada to realise digital projects.

For the past half-decade, Igi has been relentlessly working on making the internet a better place for humans. He is a developer who varyingly involves himself with the four major parts of any website project: Branding, Implementation, User Experience and Content Strategy. As such, his aim is to align and give meaning to pixels on-screen.

He currently works as a Senior RoR + Ember programmer at OraHQ, NZ.

He mainly works on Rails, WordPress, Squarespace, Magento & Shopify websites.

Igi is open to website freelance projects of any kind.

Igi's Freelance Workload until Apr 2017